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The EcHT Craftsmen Catalog: Ideas for Custom-Crafting for you
Examples for Wholesale Offerings

Pricing upon request

We realise your expression for home design, hardware, and clothing - with a personality

Straightforward objects for your daily life that you or loved ones will enjoy and that will last.

A curated collection for your personal expression. Useful things that are both, enhancing the moment and timeless - to become life mainstays, to be passed on as collectors pieces.

This catalog is about custom service.

We custom- craft for you, the ECHT associated craftsmen in Pittsburgh, the US and in Europe.

Tell us about your custom crafting ideas, wishes and specifications using the email buttons. We will send you pricing info. Find ideas for larger items on our CONTRACTING section. Our CERAMIC TILE SECTION shows interior design offerings.

Inspirations for custom-
made work for you
Meaningful things that offer a rewarding relation. Objects that can tell a story. Individual pieces: hand- signed, passionately build, precisely measured, each step inspected.
Towel or Pot Holder

Forged steel hooks on a rod that is set in between ceiling and floor for your kitchen.


Forged Flowers from Raw Steel

Hand forged by Vanglin, various flower themes can be provided.


Light Sculptures

Our pieces for the home or company space aim to reflect your desire for a creative expression.


Keep in mind, that all pieces are made by hand and right here in Pittsburgh, PA or the shops of our associated craftsmen.
If you are looking for something in a slightly different way, other dimensions or shapes, we might be able to help you.
Freestanding Kitchen Pot Holder

Here is an accessory for the kitchen of a guy that likes heavy pots.


New Kitchen, Remodelling

For center islands, wall hung cabinets, shelving and entire kitchen projects, please see our CONTRACTING page section.

Ceramic Tiles

Contemporary tile designs – inspired by Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Bauhaus, please see our Ceramic Tiles page section.

Re-Produced Shop Furniture Line

One-of-a-kind pieces that honor the unique qualities of Pennsylvania wood.


Custom Made Wall-Hung Cabinets

Wall-hung cabinets, for clothing, shoes, or bathroom or kitchen ware.


Coffee Shop, Bar, Restaurant Furniture

Please see our CONTRACTING page section.

Bathroom Vanities

Custom made for your sink.


Iron Tile Fixtures Light

Matching our ceramic tiles


Hallway Cabinet/Mirror Combination

Rotating bathroom or hallway cabinet/mirror combination.


Iron Impressives

Our decorative iron pieceThe rare craft of forming steel.l also in your hands,their reductionist appearance adds an inspriring aesthetic to your home and office.

Hardware for Cabinet Doors

Hardware for cabinet doors and drawers, various sets.


Hardware for your Bathroom, Kitchen and Hallway

Custom made.


Custom Made Door Handles

This door handle is part of a custom made door hardware line.


Fire Place Objects

Fire place objects that structure a wall in your living room, bedroom or dining room.



Wooden-plank / steel leg construction.


Table on Roller Casters

Occasional table on roller casters.


Couch Table

A collaboration of John and Jörg in the Iron Eden workshops in Pittsburgh.


Diamond Steel Plate

Wall hung diamond steel plate on chains.


Steel Shelves

Grating steel shelves with wooden boards.


Steel/Glass Container

These substantial pieces are heavy, they can be used for many purposes.


Reclaimed Lath Items


Reclaimed wood
To bring reclaimed wood to a new life, we carefully clean and plan it all around. Just enough, so that some character of the old cuts, knots and former nail holes are still present and give it a unique character. Some cracks, dents,nicks and scratches are not extra made for a distressed look. They came with the material and tell you about the wood's past.
Meaningful things that offer a rewarding relation. Objects that can tell a story. Individual pieces: hand- signed, passionately build, precisely measured, each step inspected.
Forged Trays

Forged rectangular trays, set of three.


Shaped 16" Tray

Carbon steel, forged to a tray with the shape of a leaf.


Book Ends

Raw folded triangles out of steel that can be used as book ends.


Miners Towels, Cotton Towels, Linnen Towels

We picked the Kracht Family as partner, offering the Miners Towels since over 100 years, as we share the approach and the history with Pittsburgh´s Mining and Steel industry.

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Analog Key Fobs

An "analog" fob - a simple way to keep your keys from disappearing.


Custom designed furniture for your house or company space - kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway solutions.

Contact us to express your voice. Our creative custom developments for the home or company space aim to reflect your desire for authentic living. The ECHT team offers subtantially simple solutions. Utalitarian, yet inspiring - to become a part of your life´s stay.

Kitchen - custom made furniture and technology installations and complete master designing. We are offering steel frames out of welded inverted angle-iron, that can accomodate any of your desired materials for the functional surfaces in between - such as drawers, tops, doors and shelving. The comparably light but extremely sturdy frame concept allows for cantilevered furniture with a small footprint, e.g. for "floating" center islands, wall or ceiling hung furnitures. Center islands, carts, bars, tables and combinations can be designed with hardware technology for elements to be movable, turnable or pivot. The steel is wire-brushed and thus expresses a precious while rugged surface; we coat to your specifications. Doors and drawers can be powered, light fixtures included, and high-tech appliances, media technology and remote control functions integrated.

Bath and hallway - we offer individual custom made objects and individual hardware, including light and sound features.

Company - in addition to the above, matching combinations with desk top work areas can be offered.

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Straightforward individual pieces made to last,
and that you can pass on.
Manufactured by an association of creatives that like a rugged appeal. We develop useful things that are both, enhancing the moment and timeless - to become life mainstays, to be passed on as collectors piece. Things for your personal expression.

Custom made fine suit shirts. Fine long-fiber cotton from Egypt. Spun, dyed and woven in italian mills. Sown according to your measurements by the team of Nicola.

Nicola continues the tailoring family business founded by his father in Palermo on the island Sicily in Italy. His team specializes in custom made shirt fabrication, using the finest Egyptian cotton and fabrics dyed and woven in Italy in the lago maggiore region.


Log Splitter Jacket

Log splitter jacket - join our ongoing development project.


Felted Woolen Winter Mittens

Traditional mittens used for hiking and skiing.


Aiming a classical and restrained appearance
Bavarian Jackets

Jackets to become a long term companion.


21oz Moleskin Pants

Most substantial Pants.


25 oz Moleskin Selvage

ECHT Journeyman Jeans - 25oz Moleskin Selvage, Six-Pockets.


Our pieces are thought to present themselves utilitarian, yet inspiring. Some with finesse, mostly straightforward, with a pure approach.
Autumn Wool Hoody Jacket

Late autumn wool hoody jacket with lining.


Shirt tailored in Italy

Our custom shirt line, tailored for you in Italy.


Cargo 1/2 Shorts

Cargo 1/2 Shorts - covering the knee.


We promote an aesthetic asceticism and the idea that simplicity can unleash potential. A design-reduced design, yet inspiring. Focussing on authentic crafting and substantial materials, functionality and durability.
Winter socks hand-knit in California

Sarah's practical and durable design.

more | download flyer

Alpine Wool Socks from Austria

Time-proven European mountaineers design.


Passionately build, precisely measured,
each step inspected.
We make individual pieces for you, if you like hand-signed and with certificate.
Body Equips

Our hand forged equipment & torcs for the daily carry-on are of substantial iron.


Custom-Made Suspenders

Reminiscent of the industrial 1900's, our suspenders are utalitarian and sturdy.


When we just spend a little more time than others might do, the result are nicer and lasts longer. We believe it’s worth it.
The ECHT approach to life: substantially simple,
genuine and inspiring
For you, family and friends or business partner.
Leather Daily Carry-Ons

As promotion, we offer three items of your choice for $ 210.


Aspiring for a plain elegance that receives cues from the substantial materials, genuine surface treatments and authentic crafting methods.
Iron Knots

The rare craft of forming steel.


The Best Things in Life have a Story - Personalise.
The Bloc

The Bloc - a ponder object.


The Anchor

The Anchor - a ponder object for your desk.


Gift Certificates

Send us an e mail. and we make something nice, optionally sent to your friends and family or clients.

Statment on the right
on two lines max
Felix and Jorg are developing hand crafted products for your personal care. Only medicinal salve quality, only natural ingredients. Inspiring and unmistakable. We couldn't find convincing lines for men that continue the ways skin products used to be conceived of traditionally, without synthetics. Our goal was to professionally develop skin care from the bottom up.

Jorg in Pittsburgh, PA as an MD with experience in burn surgery and wound healing therapy development, and PhDs in Experimental Surgery and in Bioengineering; Felix as pharmacologist operating his own pharmacology lab in Berlin, Germany. We aimed for products to show a personality, a soul, to make your everyday routine special. So, we came up with products for a man who desires an authentic expression and does not like stabilizer, homogenizer and preservatives. Who appreciates hand crafting in small batches by specialists.

This development is a collaboration of nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists, MDs and PhDs - to craft skin cosmetics the right way. Our regenerative skin creams are the first in line, artisanal cologne and soap will follow, as well as hair products. Please check again for more to come.

More about our cosmetics here
Regenerative Face and Body Creams

ECHT developers know what weathered faces and working hands need.


We pack and send your gift boxes if you like. Also ask us for special hand crafted gift boxes.
EcHT Colognes I and II
Project in progress, launch in 2024

Statment on the right
on two lines max

The best things in life have a story - and we want to help stories to emerge for the things we make for you. There is the story of how an object was developed and who made it for you, there is the story of what and with whom you went through with it, …and there is the story how your friend or loved one got a gift from you.

Looking for guest gifts for a premiere, a gala, or your best clients? Got the task of preparing company gifts for Christmas season? Consider our precious hand crafted gift boxes that surprise well and offer joy. You curate and we ship. Individually designed boxes of your choice or of your own design and with your notes. Designed with love, composed with passion, they will enable a lasting impression.

More Informations

Artist Lounge


Photographer Lounge

The annual ECHT Photographer- and Painter Lounge.


For all objects that are custom-made by hand in our ECHT shops in Pittsburgh, PA - check out the manufacturing process with the craftsmen on-site and add your ideas, even while your pieces are being made. Enjoy our coffee roastery, micro distillery and bistro food offerings.

107 Penn Ave

221 Brownsville Rd

Pittsburgh PA 15210 USA

Phone: 412 – 4786816


Bus 48, 51, 44 to Downtown, 54 to Oakland

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