Custom made wall-hung cabinets, for clothing, shoes, or bathroom or kitchen ware

Cabinets for wall-hung mounting. For your kitchen, bathroom, California closet room, or hall way. The one photos shows two cabinets mounted with a gap in between the upper and lower piece, and another shows a set with three cabintes that are mounted with gaps in between. The frame is welded using inverted angle-irons; the wood is birch plywood stained with orange water-soluble pigments and a waxed surface. The doors can be single, double, or sliding. A variation with open shelving is possible. Each object is mounted using a bracket that anchors into a wall-mount.

Custom made with pricing starting at $400 for a small cabinet, or more - depending on your material choice, the size and hardware. Options include steel surface coating with wax, shellac or with polyurethane; door and shelving material out of various wood qualities, stain colors, coatings; height, width, and depth of the object; LED light installations; elelectrical outlets, media outlets, incorporating sound systems.
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