Fire place objects

Fire place objects that structure a wall in your living room, bedroom or dining room

A new interpretation of a fire place mantle piece. Such custom-made objects with a temperature-resistant coating wer developed to be mountable over a fire place.

The price for a custom-made piece starts at $1200 for a small piece and up to $1900 for a 6 foot piece, or higher - depending on your material choice.

In one design line, an entire dining room wall was structured. For the fire place a wood log holder was integrated. We used raw steel sheet metal with a thickness of 1/4", subtle but at near sight rather impressive on the edges facing the front. All surfaces were sandblasted, then grinded, then sanded with various grits and polished. The dark steel color, that has an appeal like gun-metal was created using a technique of black-oxidizing (blackening), followed by waxing and then wax-oil treatments.

In another design, a smaller piece was developed to enhance an existing fireplace. Wire-brushed welded steel frames were designed in a way that copper plates are soldered into the front, top and the sides (the bottom is open). A bracket allows for a sturdy mounting into a solid wall or wall studs. The inverted angle-iron steel welding with grinding the angles results in interesting corner aspects.

We developed this piece for a customer that had a flat screen TV over a fire place and was not happy the way the TV dominated over the fire place. So, we came up with a wall object that structures the area below the TV in a way that moves the attention towards the fire place, while representing a new interpretation of a fire place mantle. We choose the wire-brushed steel and copper combination as these are materials were used often with traditional mantle pieces. The wire-brushed steel surface "moderates" between the two rather different black surfaces of the iron of the fireplace and the plastic of the TV.

Should you plan for such a combination, the heat resistance of the TV and the heat generation of your fire place needs needs to be considered. Some fire places generate that much heat that the plastic of the TV may melt or even cought on fire. Also, a solid wall mounting with screews through the bracket included and the wall construction needs to be professionally planned.

Temperature mediated surface color changes of the frame and the copper will appear over time. The copper will darken over time. As the copper is soldered into then steel frame, temperature changes may result in slight deformations of the copper, that we consider as contributing to the character of the piece.

For a use mounted over a fire place it is important to consider that the object will get rather hot, so mount it out of reach of children and do place only objects onto it that are temperature resistant and non-flammable.

The fire places shown in the photos do not develop significant heat under the mantle piece, so placing some flammable objects onto it was possible - in that particular case only. Regular fire places develop heat in a way that placing flammable objects on the piece should not be done.

For sturdiness, the object can not be mounted onto a dry wall without being installed into at least four solid wall studs.

Options include various steel surface coatings and materials of your choice for the front and sides, including marble, granite, or heat resistant safety glass. We will fabricate according to the with, height and length of your choice.
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Fire place objects