The Best Things in Life have a Story - Personalise

We like to make things that are different enough so that others want to ask you about it. We want to help you to add meaning to your gifts. Like, if your friend receives a jeans from you, that includes a note on the embroidered certificate (inside, so that nobody else can see it) saying "for my awesome friend", the friend, when others ask about his outstanding jeans, might say "I got them from somebody who thinks I am an awesome friend".

Our certificates include edition and fabrication number and are hand-signed by the craftsman who made the item. And, we offer to include your message with your gift. Like, your own handwritten note, or adding your text to the certificate that comes with the gift. Or, we tuck a gold coin from you with stamped initials on it into the coin pocked of the jeans that you send as a gift. Then this friend might wear that gold coin of yours in the coin-pocket of these jeans from you - all the time.

We can embroider text on a label that is sown in - if your item is made of fabric; we can brand a symbol with an iron brand - if its out of wood; we can stencil paint or stamp initials onto it - if its out oft steel; or add an item that you send us and even brand on that.

Maybe you just might want to reward yourself with a little statement on your own achievement on a gift to yourself, like for that project success…
Just send us an e mail..

The best things in life have a story - and we want to help stories to emerge for the things we make for you. There is the story of how an object was developed and who made it for you, there is the story of what and with whom you went through with it, …and there is the story how your friend or loved one got a gift from you.

Looking for guest gifts for a premiere, a gala, or your best clients? Got the task of preparing company gifts for Christmas season? Consider our precious hand crafted gift boxes that surprise well and offer joy. You curate and we ship. Individually designed boxes of your choice or of your own design and with your notes. Designed with love, composed with passion, they will enable a lasting impression.