Thick woolen winter socks, felted - set of two pairs

Winter socks hand-knit in California, Sarah's practical and durable design

Thick woolen winter socks, felted. Alpine wool knit and felted by hand by Sarah in California. Raw - not chemically treated, you can smell that. Short cut on ankle. Set of two (you will learn why below).

We love this Alpine mountain sheep wool from Austria (see the other entry for socks made in Austria), but we also love the design and knitting pattern of Sarah - so we ship the Alpine wool to her in California. And Sarah crafts very practical, very sturdy and functional socks.

Feel the substantial texture of these socks, specially when you wear them - as they mold to your feet.

We suggest to employ two pairs and wear each one only for one day while letting the other pair air dry (never use a washer, never a dryer), before using it again a day later. That way, the socks do not start to smell; with the point being that if you have several pairs they can be used for weeks without washing - and washing is very bad for wool as the natural composition of the fibers in injured. (As is using a dryer, they would shrink significantly.)

These socks wear extreme comfy in heavy boots.
They should be sized loose to wear in heavy boots.

The boots need to be sized one size up if you wore thin socks in your boots until now. If you already have tight fitting boots, your foot with these socks may may be to tight as they take some room in your shoes ... if you buy boots and plan for these socks, go a boot size higher.

You will love when they get into the shape of your foot and become most comfy.

But do not use a washer and never (!) a dryer, only hand wash them in the sink at low temperature using not to much mild soap suitable for wool.

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